Rig Engineering & Procurement Service Company


About REPSCO Company


Rig Engineering & Procurement Service Company(REPSCO)was established in 2010 with the resolute purpose of serving Oil & Gas Industry in Middle East. We are an International Procurement and Supply Company based in Tehran with having cooperate office in many countries.

We are a leading supplier for Drilling equipment& Tools, Plant & Machinery, Refineries and Petrochemical industries and Project Material for EPC and EPD Projects– all fields requiring products and services of exacting international standards and providing consulting and technical services for drilling equipment on rigs of all types and capacities, Offshore and land rigs.

REPSCO operation is supported by a team of immensely experienced, efficient, result-oriented, committed, and dedicated professionals, who have proven track records in executing projects and supply of materials & services, swiftly, safely and economically, on time. Our TEAM readily assumes entire responsibility for our customer's requirements from initial inquiry to final delivery of materials at site, as and when required, strictly based on a thorough understanding of customer’s needs.

REPSCO’s commitment to deliver only unparalleled, cost effective and high quality goods, consistently effective performance and uncompromising attention to details, all the time, helped us to earn sound and distinctive reputation, in our field of activity, which become our bench-mark to outsmart and surpass all our competitors in the Middle East territory for most efficient service, reliability, quality, dependability, and promptness.

Over the past few years, REPSCO has been successful in developing good relationships with elite customers and manufacturers/suppliers globally. REPSCO has supplied materials to some of the most prestigious Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Marine and Power projects.

This success was achieved due to various factors some of them being – strict focus on company’s Vision, Mission & Goals, adherence to delivery commitments, offering competitive pricing, nurturing employee skills.








REPSCO Services

With having adequate number of competent, skillful and high experienced personnel in oil and gas specifically drilling industry we provide:

  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Expediting
  • Forwarding & shipping
  • Importing & delivering
  • Technical support
  • Sales & after sales

Our close relationships with an extensive range of manufacturers and suppliers provide our customers with a level of service, product availability, and competitive pricing hardly found in our market.

Our full-scale support services offer customers a “one-stop” solutions provider that can manage the total transaction, from initial order to final delivery.

Depending on your requirements, we can help clients:

  • Find the best source for manufactured or raw materials
  • Transition to the use of a new product or process
  • Achieve the most effective logistics arrangements
  • Solve many of technical challenges

We maintain complete transaction documentation and expediting departments at our headquarters and branch offices. After an order has been processed, these departments make sure that the material is shipped promptly, packed properly and documented expertly, so that there are no delays from the time of our shipment to the time of its arrival at its destination.

Our team works with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. We have extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of their needs. Our experience guarantees the customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.






Technical Assistant

REPSCO can provide site supervision services while construction of land and offshore drilling rig. With REPSCO you can be assure the drilling unit is constructed as per the technical specification and meet the Standards / Classification Society requirement and at the end of construction you will have an UNIT, which is fit to purpose.

REPSCO is a group of individuals who have bought in pool of varied experiences and intellect to the company.  A common element that binds our efforts is a drive to serve customer requirements in all situations.

We provide following services

  • Provision of Rig Specification
  • Rig Screening and Selection
  • Rig Upgrades
  • Equipment Design and Purchasing
  • Equipment Design and Modifications
  • Engineering Consulting


Provision of Rig Specification

Utilize the parameters of the intended drilling program to develop critical specifications for rig equipment.  Include recommended operational efficiency standards as well as technical documentation to aid the selection process.  Identify parameters that will disqualify rigs (must-have capabilities).

Rig Screening and Selection

Conduct paper and/or field surveys to recommend rig fitness for purpose based on rig specifications.  Review downtime statistics and rig efficiencies.  Correlate advantages and disadvantages for various options.  Include, prior to contract award, a listing in the contract documents of shortcomings to be resolved prior to commencing drilling.  Compare estimated costs for alternate choices using efficiency and downtime data.

Rig Upgrades

Review contractor planned upgrades; ensure adequate specification, fabrication, installation and/or integration.  Perform acceptance against defined criteria.  This has been particularly useful to reduce “teething” problems that are commonly experienced as new equipment is added to an existing rig, and reduces identification of problems through failures while drilling.

Equipment Design and Purchasing

Most people realize that doing it right from the beginning is undoubtedly the most cost-effective strategy.  This process begins with buying what is best for your project.  Some of the major functions are listed below:

  • Recommending vendors and models of equipment and systems for purchase using knowledge gained from experience
  • Generating and reviewing equipment specifications (to avoid change orders)
  • Interacting with equipment vendors to resolve mechanical, electronic, and network interface issues between systems
  • Assurance of adequate integration specifications and test regimes
  • Reviewing operator controls for optimized efficiency and availability
  • Reviewing equipment layout
  • Reviewing electrical distribution systems design
  • Reviewing quality plans, ensuring proper hold and witness points
  • Witnessing PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • Creating or reviewing FAT procedures


Equipment Design and Modifications 

Although several API specifications recommend reporting issues and non-conformances back to the manufacturer for resolution and distribution, this does not consistently happen.  As a quality conscious organization, REPSCO Engineering Services takes the initiative to work with manufacturers to identify the root causes of problems and how to eliminate them.  The resolution of these issues often requires the help of REPSCO engineers.

Engineering Consulting

REPSCO offers expert engineering consulting for clients with current drilling equipment problems.  Clients may even call REPSCO 24 hours a day for help with equipment problems encountered while drilling.
In addition to this help, REPSCO offers other engineering consulting services described in the following text.