Rig Entekhab Pooya Services Company




Management and Supervision of Land and Offshore Drilling Rig Design , Procurement Supply and Construction.


We Provide 3 Types of Services, Separately or Together:







Þ  Management of Basic design

· Design criteria

· General arrangement drafting

· Drilling system & topology

· Marine & structure analysis

· Equipment sizing

· Piping schematics

· Electrical schematics


Þ  Construction Preparation

· Vendors/shipyard quotation

· Shipyard scope of work development

· Drafting of construction

· standards / specifications

· Coordination with purchaser

Budget & Procurement

Þ  Budget

· Budget estimation of shipyard

· Budget estimation of equipment

· Budget follow-up & cost control of project


Þ  Procurement

· Issue specifications of equipment

· Request for quotation to main suppliers

· Analysis of quotation received

· Follow-up with suppliers

Text Box: On–site supervision
 Construction Phase 
Budget estimation of shipyard
Project management
Construction follow up
Liaising with class society
Solving technical issues on a day to day basis
Progress reporting
Drawing review and approval
Assistance in setting up a full team if needed
Liaising with the shipyard